About Us

BIBO®… America’s Cocktail Machine

BIBO® (pronounced Bee-bo), the brand and company has set a goal to revolutionize the liquor industry, at home (AH) and away from home (AFH). “The liquor industry is an industry of prestige, image and entertainment… and it is ripe for a powerful revolution,” says Debra Walker, owner and inventor of the BIBO®. “I believe we can change how consumers prepare and enjoy adult beverages in their home”.

The mission of BIBO® is to make entertaining easy—which we hope will allow people to create community and relaxation like never before. The ability for ease of entertainment is at the core of the brand and you will see the Bibo® brand expanding over the next few years to embrace that vision.

We believe that Bibo+ology™ (Bibo: Latin for ‘to drink’; Ology: the science of) is a powerful product platform. BIBO® is a 3 way system (the machine, the liquor and the mixers) with a focus on AH.

The Person Behind the BIBO®

DEBRA WALKER, President/Managing Partner

Debra has over 25 years of marketing and sales leadership experience with companies such as Kraft, Merck and Crayola. She is a passionate visionary and her ability to take an idea and create a strategic framework has been a key to her success. Her ability to pull the right team into place from her extensive network of professionals has given life to BIBO®. Her career focus has been on innovation and new business development from helping to build the Barbie brand to a billion dollar brand and re-invigorating the Crayola brand with new platforms that more than doubled the business from $350M to $800M – just to name a few. Her unique ability to see future consumer needs, gaps in the marketplace and create the business models to make them successful is proven.