Board Meals

Here at Bibo we know a thing or two about quick and easy entertaining, which is our favorite way to go.  We didn’t create a machine that can make a single-serve cocktail in 20 seconds because we like to mess around!

And when it comes to quick and easy entertaining, few things beat a fabulous cheese platter.  But why not bump it up a notch, or two, or three, and creating something more along the lines of a “Board Meal”, meals that are basically antipasti platters or cheese and salumi platters on steroids.

These are assemblies of snack-ey foods that together can qualify as a meal, or at the very least as super generous, bountiful appetizer platters for company.  And during the warm weather months in particular when you’re not so eager to hang out at the stove, this notion just might give you a reason to have people over more often.

First, think about grazing food, food that is fun to dip in and out of, food that can be eaten with a fork, or maybe even just your hands.  Think crostini, cured meats, cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, various spreads from pestos to preserves, and think about dips.  Include pickled vegetables and roasted peppers and pates and smoked fish and seafood purees.  Think about savory crackers and slices of bread (fresh or toasted), think about olives.

And of course most of these foods are purchasable, so if you don’t have the time or inclination to cook, you are off the hook, but your guests won’t feel like you took any shortcuts.  Browse a specialty foods store or the gourmet section of your supermarket, the cheese department, the deli, and even the salad bar, and put together a board meal to impress.

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