Happy National Margarita Day!

Have you been eyeing May 5th (otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo) on the calendar, thinking about how amazing a cold margarita is going to taste?  Then perhaps you didn’t know that February 22nd is National Margarita Day?  Grab a bag of chips, invite a few friends over, and slide that Bibo on over.  We do love a reason for mid-week mini-party.

Oh and by the way, welcome to the Bibo blog where you will find recipes, cooking and entertaining tips, ideas for making your drinks even more special, and generally making the most of your time with friends. If you haven’t been introduced to Bibo yet, click here to check out the single serve cocktail machine that will rock your world – if you love getting your coffee in the morning with the press of a button, imagine getting one of 6 (and counting!) custom cocktails the same way at the end of the day.

Such as, say, a margarita.  Any old glass will, do, and if you want to replicate the salt rim you can request in your favorite bar, it couldn’t be easier.  Just fill a one small shallow plate with water, and another with salt, turn the glass upside down, dip the rim first in the water, then in the salt, then place the glass under the Bibo and make that margarita with one button push.  Feeling a little fancier?  Play around with some of those specialty salts out there – try Himalayan Pink Salt or Hawaiian Black Salt or one of the smoked sea salts out there.   Or just go with plain old salt, and be happy that a holiday such as National Margarita Day exists in the world.


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