How to Get Yourself Breakfast in Bed on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14th.  If you already know that your significant other and offspring are planning a celebratory extravaganza for you, you should find something else to read.  For the rest of us, a bit of gentle nudging along with a few explicit instructions and a recipe suggestion or two may be in order.

You’re going to want to cut and paste, then print out the following:

Dear Family:

It’s me, mommy!  I know how busy you all are, and I just wanted to take some of the stress off planning for Mother’s Day, since I know you want it to be perfect, and I am worried that you are all putting too much pressure on yourselves.

Here are some things you can do the night before:

  • Locate tray for bringing me breakfast in bed.
  • Pick up flowers, and find vase.
  • Make sure there is coffee.
  • Decide which recipes you are going to make.
  • Set your alarm in some fashion that will not wake me up.

And here are a few recipes you might want to consider, for that big breakfast:

            Vegetable Frittata

            Lazy Oven French Toast

            Aaron and Jack’s Popovers

            Crunchy Chewy Granola

            Mushroom, Caramelized Onion and Feta Frittata

You guys are really too much – thank you, in advance, for what I know will be the best Mother’s Day ever.  I love you.

If you want to clip this note to a photo of a gift you’re lusting after, or an ad for a play you want to see, go right ahead.  This is merely a springboard to get us all on the road to a delightful Mother’s Day.   Best of luck to all of us!

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