How to Tailgate in Style

With college and NFL football season upon us, people across the US will be attending games and tailgating season officially begins.  The festival and ritual of tailgating before football games has been going on for decades and for many it is one of the best parts of the fall, football season. Whether you are interested in football or not, participating in this tradition is worth at least making it to the parking lot.  Does standing around in a parking lot for hours and hours before a big game sound like fun? Well let’s break it down into the Fun-Factors of Tailgating: 1) Eating and drinking; 2) Hanging out for hours with both old and new friends; 3) Celebrating your team and the game; 4) getting outside during one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.  Sounds like that parking lot gathering is the place to be. Food and drink are always central at any social gathering!  And, add in great friends, the amazing fall weather and music – it doesn’t get much better.  Essential tailgating food groups are hot dogs, burgers, chips, for college kid’s- store-bought cookies and in the South grilled chicken. Going that extra mile for tailgate foods is always appreciated by all; so, break out the homemade chili and the Bibo Barmaid so you can serve up the Margaritas and Martinis.  You’ll need those refreshments to keep you energized for a long game up in the stands.  As the weather begins to chill, hot chocolate or hot apple cider are the favs. Tailgating brings hundreds of students, their families and alumni - that may only see each other for the tailgate season - into a common space, making it the perfect opportunity spend fun time with old and new friends.   After you eat and drink to your heart’s content, it’s time to break out the tailgating games.  Games such as Corn Hole and Kan Jam will help you get into the team spirit. Bringing along a football or hacky sack ball to toss around is always a good time. Spending the day outside is something that not many of us don’t get to do often. Tailgating is the perfect excuse for getting outdoors and enjoying the fall weather. Sitting back in a lawn chair, watching the leaves change colors while you are enjoying your Bibo Martini, watching a lively game of corn hole is the best way to kick-off college football season. Happy Tailgate Season!

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