Pick a drink. Add a shot. Pull the lever.™

Why BIBO® ?

It’s time for us to Rethink the Drink™! Almost anyone who entertains will find Bibo® a godsend!

Here are the issues you won’t encounter if you own a Bibo®

No More Getting a drink at a party that is so strong you can’t drink it.

No More Hiring a bartender, so you can enjoy your own party.

No More Getting a drink that doesn’t taste the way you expected it to taste.

No More Drinking wine or beer because there is nothing else interesting to try, even though you’d love a delicious cocktail.

No More Hosting a party and spending a small fortune for spirits and mixers only to have 80% of it left over. You end up throwing most of it away.

No More Never trying anything new off the cocktail menu because you don’t want to risk wasting $12 at a bar – now you can try lots of new cocktails in the convenience of your home.


See how easy it is to make a drink for any occasion.

A Variety of Cocktail Flavors

With Bibo® you can enjoy a great cocktail in less than 20 seconds!  Just choose your favorite drink from our line of bar-inspired mixers and let the Bibo® mix it to perfection for you.  Add your own alcohol and ice, stir, garnish and sip!  Cheers.

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